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The female stars of TV Land’s “Younger” get paid more than the men, and actor Nico Tortorella thinks that’s quite refreshing for a Hollywood production.

by TooFab Staff for TooFab

“The women on this show are paid more than the men are and I think thats a step in the right direction,” he told TooFab in an interview. I think that we represent a piece of the future that I want to live in.

Season 3 of TVLands rom-com series ended with a lot of drama, leaving fans questioning how each character will react to Lizas (Sutton Foster) lies.

Just in case you forgot, Liza finally revealed her true self to her best friend and co-worker Kelsey (Hilary Duff), Josh (Tortorella) caught Liza cheating on him with her boss Charles (Peter Hermann) as he was about to propose and Liza was forced to secretly sign a boring author to Kelseys imprint in order to avoid getting her actual age ousted to her colleagues.

Season 4 premieres Wednesday and Tortorella promises this will be the most dramatic season yet and questions will be answered.

Keep reading to see what he told TooFab about the possibility of his character hooking up with Kelsey, the awkward environment behind-the-scenes after Foster and Duffs fighting takes and what he hopes young women are taking away from the show.

Josh just caught Liza cheating on him with her boss as he was about to propose to her. What can we expect to see in season four?

This is the best season yet for sure. You can expect us to pick up right where we left off. Josh is just really heartbroken. He put it all out on the line, hes been through a lot with her and she just broke his heart. And then Liza just told Kelsey everything that is going on so pretty immediately Josh and Kelsey find each other and find balance in each other.

Im assuming a lot of feuds are going to get started. Kelsey Vs. Liza, Josh Vs. Liza, Josh Vs. Charles? Will Kelsey bring her anger to the workplace?

I think this is out most dramatic season yet. I think the writers have done a really good job of holding Liza accountable for her shit and everyone is a little bit pissed. As for Kelsey, you will see.

But the show is all about female relationships, would it be almost against the shows morals per say if Kelsey hooks up with Josh?

Its a Darren Star show so theres definitely going to be something. I think its problematic. The show focuses so much on the female relationships that if Josh and Kelsey really get together it would be really problematic, but there is plenty of drama in this season. If fans believe it, than I think we are doing our jobs, right? It creates good drama, but this whole show is based on a lie so whos to say the promos arent as well.

I know Hilary and Sutton have been close on set, was it awkward at all behind the scenes when they spent hours filming arguing with each other?

Yes! And not only that I for the most part for three seasons have had every single season with Sutton and for a good portion of this season, I didnt even see her at all and it was weird. I miss her, you know? Its amazing filming with Sutton because we kind of grew up on this show together, but its nice to be able to work with other actors. I mean Hilary and I – our whole relationship was built on lies that Liza created so we couldnt really get to know each other and even on a friendship scale. Its nice to see two heterosexual people, a male and a female, who can be in a relationship that may not involve sex.

Darren Star recently said there are more consequences, growth and surprises in store this season than any other season for all of the characters. Can you expand upon that?

I think that were all revolving as characters and were shooting in Ireland in a couple weeks. Were going to shoot half of the finale there. Nothing is planned specifically yet, but Im sure we will get into some sort of trouble while were there. Ive never been, but everyone that Ive talked to that has been says its the most beautiful country theyve ever been to.

Since the show is female driven, what are your thoughts on all of the talk about equal pay in Hollywood for men and women? Was that ever a topic of discussion on set?

The women on this show are paid more than the men are and I think thats a step in the right direction. I think that its absolutely ridiculous and I think that we represent a piece of the future that I want to live in.

What is the show teaching the young women who are watching?

The best thing that you can do is be honest with yourself first, and then be honest with other people. Also to accept positive change and to just love each other a little bit more. I think that this is a genre that doesnt really exist on television or in the movie theaters. I mean, its rom-com so we need to love each other more than we ever have.

The show plays around with the true definition of truth. What is your value of the truth?

To just be unapologetically yourself and give faith to other people to be unapologetically theirselves. There was a time not too long ago where it was cool and in style to lie about things and lie about who you are and thats just not the case anymore. True emotion porn really sells these days.

So tell the truth here. Who is the better kisser – Hilary Duff or Sutton Foster?

Hmmm. Well, you dont know that I kissed Hilary Duff yet so I can’t answer that question.

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