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What started out as a fun, no-strings attached romance with a tattoo artist named Josh is quickly turning into something serious for Liza in TV Land’s freshman series, “Younger.”

Liza (Sutton Foster), a 40-year-old mom posing as a 26-year-old publishing assistant, thought she’d be able to keep things light with the handsome younger man, played by Nico Tortorella, who chatted her up at the bar in the show’s series premiere. But, in Tuesday’s episode, after weeks of nights out and mornings in, it might finally be time to put a label on their crazy chemistry.

“I think from the beginning of [their] relationship she was very adamant on, you know, she doesn’t have time for this — ‘this’ not being a specific thing. And, if it were up to him, I think that if she was down from the get-go, they would have been a label already, but since she’s been skirting around the whole situation, he’s a little bit more cautious about using specific words to describe them,” Nico told Access Hollywood. “That all definitely comes up in the next episode.”

With the relationship between Liza and Josh heating up in the fun and totally addictive new show, Access turned to Nico for more details on how his character is seeing things, and whether Josh might be catching on to Liza’s dated pop culture references.

How deep into this relationship is Josh at this point? It feels like things have definitely changed from his perspective.
Yeah I think Josh kind of jumped into this relationship not really knowing where it was going or anything, but he’s just the type of person that if he’s going to jump in, he’s going to jump fully in and it just kind of works with her. And I think that shift from just being a playful thing to actually being something serious has happened and now he’s just trying to figure out if she’s on the same page. She’s definitely been a little bit shady these past couple of episodes, and I think Josh wears his heart on his sleeve and he’s just trying to see hers too.

The ‘pumpkin’ comment [from a couple of episodes ago] that he overheard her say on the phone do you think that’s still at the back of his mind?
No. I think that she explained it with the Craigslist whole situation somewhat and just the fact that he’s OK with that is f***ing awesome in itself, you know? I mean, he just lets her do what she wants to do kind of thing.
Access: She came to dodge ball to apologize [after the whole thing where she judged him for not reading]. Was that a big deal for him that she made that step and turned up at place where she got a black eye, to apologize there?
Nico: Yeah, for sure. I mean, I think she’s definitely stepping out of her comfort zone, but I think that his realization of what her comfort zone actually is is something interesting and that’s just all coming up as time goes by.

Do you think he’s paying attention to some of the references she’s making? Obviously his roommates heard the words ‘Punky Brewster’ and seemed a little suspicious.
Right and she said ‘the Nirvana concerts.’ You know, I think you just kind of have to take it with a little bit of suspension of disbelief, that he just — he hears it, and he’s not really thinking about it and she just kind of talks her way out of it.

What is it like having Patricia Field [who did ‘Sex and The City,’ as the show’s wardrobe consultant]. She’s legendary. That must be fun, right?
Oh for sure. I’m mean I’ve always had my hands in fashion in one way or another and granted, I’m wearing flannel, T-shirts and jeans in most episodes, but just to watch what she does with all the women and how each character is so different, I mean, she’s a legend. It’s like watching a master work, really, is what it comes down to.

What does the costume department look like when you guys go in there? Is it crazy and insanely creative?
It’s literally 99-percent like all these very, very expensive pieces, all in plastic, and then there’s my section in one corner… with T-shirts and jeans (laughs). … Yeah, it’s incredible.

Do you get to wear anything more expensive in the coming episodes? Do you try and convince them to let you wear other things?
Oh for sure, I definitely have some say in what I get to wear. I mean, you wind up getting close with all the costumers and the more time you spend together, the more they start pulling for what you specifically would want. I definitely have some Balmain jeans that I wear in the next few episodes, so I definitely step it up a little bit.

Can you actually play that washboard [you played in a recent episode]?
(laughs) I actually took like three washboard lessons in New York before we started filming those scenes. I grew up playing instruments — bass, guitar, drums — so I picked it up relatively easy. I mean it’s not an extremely difficult instrument to play by any means, but by the end of it — everybody else in that jug band, those were all the real musicians and they were giving me huge praise that I could just keep up with them and you know, they were like, ‘Any time we need a washboard player, we’re coming to you.’

That’s awesome. Is there anything weird you’ve had to learn for a role over the years? I don’t know if they ever taught you anything weird on ‘The Following.’
Not really. On ‘Make it or Break It’ I had to learn how to play — I mean, I already knew how to play guitar, but I had to learn a few songs to play live. I had to learn how to drive a truck at one point, like a big 18-wheeler.

Really? Would you want to do it again?
Yeah I think that’s one of the beautiful things about this job, is that you get put into different characters that do all these different things that are outside of your norm, you know? That’s part of why I do this is just to learn so much about different people. Really, it just comes down to the people.

What would you like to learn on a job?
I want to do some like really heavy action — just like some battle scenes, some like ‘Mission Impossible’ sh**. I’m just ready to take it to that level.

Source: Access Hollywood

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