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Posted by admin on April 15th, 2011

Scream 4 Star Nico Never Thinks About a “Plan B”
By Angel Lenise Robinson

Veganism. Architecture. Vintage, blood-stained army pants. Not the top three things that come to mind when thinking of Nicolo Luigi Tortorella. You may just know him as Nico: the chiseled, blue-eyed model-turned-actor. But the trite phrase that he is now most famous for, is a label the Illinois native refuses to be defined by.
“My goal as an artist, above acting and above the material possession of anything, is to be able to give back,” said the 22-year-old, clad in cargo pants circa 1947, and a Native American-inspired sweater.
The self-proclaimed “mommys boy,” landed a leading role in one of the seasons most-anticipated blockbusters, “Scream 4.” In his second feature film to date, Tortorella plays the popular Trevor Sheldon, who may – or may not – have a sinister side.
Youll have to wait and see the madness unfold in the horror film sequel once its released today. In real life, though, theres not a sinister bone in Tortorellas body.

“Its kind of that midwestern value and family value that I never gave up,” Tortorella said.
He didnt give up on his acting dreams either.
“The most important thing is just to trust your gut and to just stand by what you believe in; theres no other option but you. Never think about a plan B. If you have a plan A…execute it.”
That plan was put into action when Tortorella was cast in “The Wizard of Oz” as a pre-teen. From there, he caught the acting bug.
“Ive known my entire life that this is what I was going to be doing and this would be my career path.”
Tortorella dabbled in television, appearing on ABC Familys “Make It or Break It,” in 2009 and in last years short-lived drama, “The Beautiful Life.” His film debut came in 2010 in Joel Schumachers “Twelve.” Its based off of a novel of the same name and featured Tortorella’s “Scream 4” co-stars, Rory Culkin and Emma Roberts.
“[Joel, the director] told us this was our movie…we were able to improvise much of what we did on film.”
A level of artistic freedom that Tortorella says spoiled him, but also helped nab his coveted role in Wes Cravens “Scream” franchise.
“I came into the audition not knowing what I was reading,” Tortorella said. “I worked on such a free project [Twelve] before hand that I was able to run with it.”
After a rigorous set of auditions, and almost being cut because he was too tall, Tortorella landed the “Scream 4” spot.
With Tortorellas growing fame and leading-man potential, hes also staying true to his other passions.
He studied “all over the board” of art, design, and visual expression during a stint at Columbia College (Chicago) in 2007. He originally wanted to couple his creative interests with business and build a career in sustainable architecture. After less than a semester, Tortorella determined that a degree was not for him.
“Its [green living], part of how I live my life every day. I didnt need to go to school to have that be a part of my life.”
Hes practiced a vegan, raw, and primal diet until settling on his current philosophy of knowing what his body needs and how it will react to what he eats. He owns an 1896 Singer sewing machine that he uses to produce 100 percent, recycled-leather bags for his eco-friendly fashion line. And, the now California resident lives on a one-acre property in San Bernardino (with his parents and brother), where he says, “I found myself in nature.”
With todays debut of “Scream 4,” a lead role in a film adaptation of Dean Koontzs “Odd Thomas,” and negotiations underway for “The Philosopher,” Hollywood is certainly clamoring for Tortorella.
But he says hes different.
“I think its my sense of humility,” Tortorella said in his ability to avoid the stigma associated with young, Hollywood stars.
Just how good he is with avoiding the ladies, though, is a whole other topic.

The Italian heartthrob let me in on a secret. It involves a big red bow and an old-school Mercedes for a special person in his life. A girlfriend perhaps? Think again. Tortorella put all the relationship rumors to bed.
“Im single.”

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