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Posted by admin on March 31st, 2024

Nico Tortorella first album, Born, is coming soon, and the new single, “Grapefruit,” is available now. (see below) Announced their latest venture on social media, stating that the album “is my heart and soul laid bare, tracing the path of fatherhood through lyric and melody.”

The album can be pre-saved or pre-ordered here and watch the music video produced by Rocco Tortorella bellow.

Posted by admin on September 23rd, 2023

If you dont live in Los Angeles, you might never have heard of the Mattachine Steps. In 2012, the outdoor staircase in Silver Lake was dedicated to the late Harry Hay, who co-founded the Mattachine Society an early gay rights organization in 1950.

In Andy Vallentines feature directorial debut The Mattachine Family, Thomas (Nico Tortorella) considers the steps, and later how his own group of friends, or more found family, connects to that history. The options and the lives available to queer people in 2023 are much more diverse and varied than they were in 1950, but finding the answers youre looking for can still be just as complex.

The film follows Thomas and his friends as they navigate their relationships, but specifically focuses on the issue of fertility and the paths to parenthood that exist for LGBTQ+ people. When Arthur, Thomas and his husband Oscars (Juan Pablo Di Pace) foster son, returns to his birth mother, Thomas decides he wants to give fatherhood another try. But, after watching how the loss of Arthur affected Thomas, Oscar isnt so sure.

Wow. Doing a chemistry read over Zoom must be surreal. I guess weve all gotten used to it at this point, but it still feels surreal.

Tortorella: There isnt that real energetic exchange. You can play it as an actor, right? But I cant feel your waves. I cant feel your heart over this. And thats so much of what being an actor is. It really sucks that weve gotten to this point. I cant remember the last time I auditioned in a room for anything. The last handful of things Ive gotten cast for have been over [Zoom]. You show up to work, and all of these people are cast off of a camera at the house, and you get to meet them for the first time in person. Its not just the actors meeting each other, its the directors meeting the actors for the first time. Its everybody meeting everybody together for the first time. It either works or it does not at all, and Ive been on sets where both of those things are true. Its weird. Its a weird time.


Posted by admin on May 10th, 2023

Nico Tortorella talk about City On Fire on AppleTV+

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Posted by admin on November 4th, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Nico Tortorella (Younger, The Walking Dead: World Beyond), Juan Pablo Di Pace (Fuller House, Mamma Mia!), Emmy nominee Carl Clemons-Hopkins (Hacks, Candyman) and Emily Hampshire (Schitts Creek, Chapelwaite) have signed on to star in The Mattachine Family, a drama executive produced by Zach Braff (Going in Style, Garden State). The film is currently in production.

The first feature from video and commercial director Andy Vallentine centers on the relationship between Thomas (Tortorella) and Oscar (Di Pace). While the pair are very much in love, they find, after their first foster child returns to his birth mother, that they have different ideas about what it means to make a family.

Vallentine is directing from a script by his husband Danny Vallentine, which is based on a story by the pair.

Jake Choi (Lust Life Love, Single Parents), Annie Funke (This Is Us, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders), Heather Matarazzo (The Princess Diaries, Welcome to the Dollhouse) and Cloie Wyatt Taylor (Yes Day, Shameless) will round out the cast of the film, which Andy Vallentine is producing with Mike Diaz, Scot Boland, Siddharth Ganji and Cameron Hutchison.

Source: Deadline

Posted by admin on November 29th, 2019

AMCs Untitled Third Walking Dead Series is untitled no more. Franchise overlord Scott M. Gimple announced on social media Sunday that the latest offshoot will be called The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Ive been working with a lot of talented people to bring you a brand new world of the Walking Dead, Gimple shared on Instagram alongside a photo of the cover of the script for the premiere episode (which bears the title Brave.)

AMC also revealed that Julia Ormond has joined the cast as Elizabeth, the charismatic leader of a large, sophisticated and formidable force (get a first look at her in the new trailer below).

The newest TWD drama, co-created by Gimple and showrunner Matt Negrete and Scott M. Gimple, takes place a decade after the start of the zombie apocalypse and focuses on two young female protagonists, a pair of survivors played by Alexa Mansour (The Resident) and Aliyah Royale (The Red Line).

Posted by admin on April 10th, 2019

Younger will return toTV Landthis summer and debut its sixth season onJune 12.

Posted by admin on July 30th, 2017

Biggest of Happy Birthday’s to Nico today. I hope you have an amazing day with friends, family, loved ones.

Enjoy your day!!!

Posted by admin on May 12th, 2017

“She’s our mother, she’s supposed to protect us.”

The first teaser for the Menendez: Blood Brothers Lifetime movie is here. Check it out below…

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