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I think that an open relationship or a polyamorous relationship or an understanding of sorts is acceptable in this day and age​.

On TV Land’s Younger, Nico Tortorella plays love interest to Liza (Sutton Foster), a 40-year-old mom who relaunches her career in book publishing by pretending to be 26. In real life, he plays love interest to many. “Relationships and people are my hobby of sorts,” he told Cosmopolitan.com on a visit to the office last week. (A visit that ended with him inadvertently or purposely? showing off his pubes.) “I love exchanging energy with people and getting to know people and falling in and out of love.” Here, Nico talks more about his romantic life, cheating, Botox, and his failed CW show The Beautiful Life, which also starred Mischa Barton and the one ex with whom he is no longer friends.

Liza and Josh are back together but doing just OK now that he knows she was lying about her age.

Yeah, we’re OK-ish. It’s a new beginning for them. They have to renavigate getting to know each other, because she’s basically a brand new person to him.

But he’s already told her he loves her. If you’ve told someone you love them, and then they become a brand new person, do you still love them?

We’ve had that conversation [among the cast]. Because I don’t actually know of any time that we say “I love you” in the second season. Even the writers were like, “Yeah, we didn’t even think about it.” And when we did say we loved each other, we were fucked up on molly. We’ve all told people that we love each other on molly. But I think we do really love each other, it’s just becoming a different type of love.

Liza seems needier to me in the second season she’s constantly wanting Josh to reaffirm their relationship status and a little annoying.

There’s so much about Liza’s character on the page that you’re not supposed to love, but because of Sutton Foster, you fall in love with her and you root for her to win. But she’s lying to everybody. She’s not really a great person. She means really well, but yeah, she’s needy. She’s going through her adolescent years all over again.

But she’s not a jealous girlfriend, which probably speaks to her age and wisdom. You told BuzzFeed that you hate jealousy.

Least favorite thing in the world.

Is it something you experience a lot?


With women in particular?

People in general. Definitely with women and those relationships did not last as long as other relationships. It’s just something I’m not into. If you love somebody, you can watch them be close with somebody else too, and if that makes them happy, then that should make you happy.

What’s your cheating philosophy though? Because you could argue that if you get too close to someone else, it could lead to things.

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admin / January 16th, 2016   Articles/Interviews

Nico Tortorella plays a tattoo artist on Younger, and he’s all inked up in real life, too.

“I’m always getting new tattoos,” he told PEOPLE on Tuesday night at the Younger and Teachers premiere party at the NoMad Hotel in New York City. “I probably need to stop at some point.”

His latest? On his arm, a mother lion picking up her cub in honor of his mom, who proudly walked the red carpet as her son’s date at the TV Land bash. And then there’s the slightly naughtier addition “right above my junk,” as he put it, laughing of his name written in script three times that has his Instagram followers drooling over nearly naked mirror selfies.

“Nico Nico Nico is this idea of a concept brand art project that I came up with early in the year,” the 27-year-old explained. “I got the tattoo, my brother and I started working on this film that kind of documented my life in a really art pop-y way. It’s all part of it. We filmed me getting the tattoo. You’ll hear more when it comes out later this year. Nico Nico Nico, stay tuned.”


But back to the show. During Wednesday night’s season 2 premiere, Tortorella’s character Josh had a hilarious texting misunderstanding with girlfriend Liza (Sutton Foster) who he recently discovered is really 40 years old. (They’re cool, by the way.)

“I hate punctuation, which apparently Josh does too, and I always write everything in lowercase,” he said. “I’ll go back and erase something if it’s in uppercase, just the way it looks I feel like it’s cleaner if it’s all lowercase. So I totally understand that, but that can definitely get you into trouble.”

The script’s rapid-fire references to millennial technology and hip Brooklyn culture are what keep the dialogue so fresh, but Tortorella admitted even he has to look some words up just don’t tell his costars.

“I seem to always be the one that people come to when they don’t know something,” he said with a laugh. “Yeah, I’m like the Urban Dictionary of Younger.”

Source: People

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Actor Nico Tortorella gets a lesson in beef chili and gluten-free chocolate-chip pumpkin loaf

If anyone is playing to win in the exhibitionist game that is Instagram, it is the 27-year-old Brooklyn-based actor Nico Tortorella.

On the TV Land sitcom Younger, which begins its second season on Wednesday, Mr. Tortorella stars as Josh, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist. He also happens to be the very good looking and much younger love interest of Sutton Fosters Liza, a working mom who, to get back into the publishing world, tells everyone shes 26 even though shes actually 40.

On the even smaller screeni.e. your iPhoneMr. Tortorella has milked his eye-candy status to his 101,000 followers with lots of over-the-top Instagram posts, including purposely confusing videos, coy fashion images and just-got-out-of-bed shirtless shots.

Instagram has given a ton of people the opportunity to be super vain and show pictures of themselves in promiscuous situations, said Mr. Tortorella, who grew up a fat kid to a large Italian family in Chicago.

Im ridiculous, he explained, with admirable self-awareness. I dont try to censor myself and I dont take myself too seriously.

The other day, Mr. Tortorella had come to Natural Gourmet Institute in the Flatiron area for a cooking class. You dont get a body like his by eating junk food, although since he has cut out alcohol, Mr. Tortorella has grown especially fond of sugar.

On Younger, Were in minimal clothing, thats the M.O. Mr. Tortorella explained. I could actually live off nutritional yeast, coconut oil and Nama Shoyu soy sauce.

As he put on an apron, Mr. Totorella explained that he has tried many diets. He was vegan, for instance, in fifth grade. He ate a raw diet for three years, although to eat non-vegan and rawincluding steak tartare and raw fishwas his favorite. Still, it was really hard to do all the time, he said.

He tends toward a Paleo diet these days. I just feel better when Im doing it, he said. Hence, on this particular evening, he would be making grass-fed beef Paleo chili and a gluten-free chocolate-chip pumpkin loaf.

This is like a full Food Network experience, said Mr. Tortorella, as Cara Lanzi, a private chef, guided him to a preparation table. The thing I love about cooking is you can improvise. My mom taught me how to cook, and she has never used a recipe.

‘How do you feel about eating while youre cooking? I just want to lick that spoon.’

-Nico Tortorella

First up was the chili. My mom makes a mean chili with Italian sausage, he said.

As advised by Ms. Lanzi, Mr. Tortorella turned up the flame to a medium high heat and then added some cold-pressed olive oil and cumin. Can you smell the fragrance? he asked.

Then came some jalapeos, the diced tomato, carrots and the beef. After some stirring, it was time to lower the heat and move onto the chocolate-chip pumpkin bread, which involved eggs, gluten-free flour, pumpkin pure and some dark chocolate chips.

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admin / January 15th, 2016   Articles/Interviews

Thank your lucky stars, because the handsome young thing named Nico Tortorellabetter known as the sexy tattoo artist Josh on TV Lands hit series, Youngeris back when the second season of his hit show premieres tonight at 10 pm ET/PT. For those unfamiliar, Younger follows Liza (two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster), a 40-year old woman who pretends to be 26 in order to get a job in the highly competitive world of publishingand succeeds. Now working under the prickly Diana (Miriam Shor), Liza has to figure out how to balance her real life with best friend Maggie (Debi Mazar), and her pretend life with her new crew friend/coworker Kelsey (Hilary Duff), fashion publicist Lauren (Molly Bernard) and the always-sketchy Thad (Dan Amboyer), Kelseys boyfriend. After Liza let her secret slip to Josh at the end of the first season, she now must try to salvage their relationship, all while navigating a confusing chemistry with her boss Charles (Peter Hermann) and dealing with her daughter Caitlins (Tessa Albertson) return from studying abroad. The series is written and executive produced by entertainment icon Darren Star. Tortorella, whom you might recognize from The Following, as well as Wes Cravens Scre4m with Emma Roberts and original franchise survivors, and also appeared opposite Anton Yelchin and Willem Dafoe in the adaptation of Dean Koontzs best-selling Odd Thomas. On the horizon is the recently completed fictional music-themed documentary Hunter and Game. Here, the Younger star sat down with Haute Living to share his haute secrets to the City of Angels.

Where were you born: Chicago
How long in LA: 9 years, bi-coastal NY LA
Neighborhood: Currently Hollywood
Occupation: Artist OK fine, actor
Favorite Restaurant: Zankou Chicken
Best Sushi: Shibuya Calabasas
Best Italian: Dan Tanas
Best dessert: Rawvolution
Best place for a romantic date: The secret Labrynth at Runyon
Best Sunday brunch: Soho house
Best place for a power business meeting: Lemonade
If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend? Chateau
Favorite shopping venue/boutique: Wasteland
Favorite place to buy jewelry/watches: Estate Sales
Best Spa: WI Spa
Best Steakhouse: Maestros
Best Pizza: Not in LA
Best Lunch: Whole Foods
Best Gym/Athletic Facility: Core power Yoga
Best Massage: Foot Spa on Wilshire
Best Limousine/Driving Service: Uber
Best Museum/Exhibit: Obsolete in Venice
Describe your city in three words: Sexual Sexual Sexual
Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore: Hollywood
All-around favorite spot in Los Angeles: WI Spa all day
Best Aspect of Los Angeles: Everything and anything you want, you can find.

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“If you can’t make fun of yourself, how the hell is anyone else going to make fun of you?”

Earlier this week, we had the great fortune of having our offices invaded by Younger hunk Nico Tortorella.

Whether youre a fan of Tortorellas work as Josh on Younger, Trevor in Scream 4 or Jacob on The Following or if youre just a consistent double-tapper of Tortorellas legendary Instagram account one thing is for certain: Boys got talents.

Dont take our word for it

Were such big fans of his prowess on the gram that we decided to get a little tutorial from the man himself. (That he took his shirt off without warning was nothing short of a spiritual experience.)

Below, Nico offers 10 tips on beefing up your Instagram. Youre welcome.

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admin / January 13th, 2016   Articles/Interviews

For Nico Tortorella – inked-up leading man on TV Lands hit rom-com Younger the futures bright, the gym is church, and age is but a number.

Its not hard to understand why Liza, the lead character on TV Lands generation-bending sitcom Younger (played by Sutton Foster), would fall head over heels for Nico Tortorella. The 27-year-old actor and model from Wilmette, Illinois, is bright-eyed and perennially upbeat, with a bad boy spread of tattoo coverage and an anything-goes approach to life thats irresistible. Tortorella is recognizable for roles in Scream 4, as well as the series The Following and Make It or Break Itand now, with his juicy role on Younger, hes teamed up with a top-notch crew that includes Sex and the City creator Darren Star and wardrobe stylist supreme Patricia Field.

Here, we catch up with Tortorella to talk tats, dreams, and staying fluid in how we define ourselves.

Youve landed a great role on Younger, which boasts what is essentially a TV dream team.

Between Darren Star, Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar, and the rest of the cast and crew, it seems too good to be true sometimes.

Your character, Josh, is a young guy who falls head over heels for Sutton Foster, a 40-year-old who poses as a 26-year-old to be relevant in the work world. Were you familiar with Suttonone of Broadways great performersprior to this show?

I started to work on the pilot two days after I was cast, and to be honest, I had no idea who she was. Mind you, I grew up in musical theater, but somehow there was a blank spot there and I had no idea who she was. Didnt bother to Google her on the way to work. I showed up and asked her, So, what do you do? Very unassuming, she said, Ive done some theater here and there. So says the multiple Tony Award-winning theater star Sutton Foster.

The on-screen romantic vibe between the two of you feels pretty organic.

There was immediate chemistry. Which is good, because it was trial by fire. We met an hour before we shot our first scene together.

Younger hits on sensitive subjects, like feeling relevant and wanted in todays professional world and society. Whats your take on the shows message?

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admin / January 13th, 2016   Articles/Interviews

The new season of TV Lands wildly addictive Younger premieres tomorrow night. Based on the Pamela Redmond Satran novel of the same name, the Darren Star-created series follows 40-year-old divorce Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), who must lie about her age to rejoin the publishing industry after raising her teenage daughter. Once shes hired, Liza begins to live the life of a 26-year-old, complete with a new millennial gal pal, Kelsey (Hilary Duff), and a sexy tattoo artist boyfriend, Josh (Nico Tortorella). All with the help of her 40-year-old best friend Maggie (Debi Mazar), who happens to live in a hip Brooklyn apartment.


At the end of season one, Liza revealed her secret to Josh. Though he initially broke things off out of anger over her lies, the season finale ended with the duo agreeing to start fresh by sitting down for a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, Lizas daughter Caitlin (Tessa Albertson) was preparing to arrive in Brooklyn.

How will Liza tell her daughter that shes been moonlighting as a 20-something? Will Josh take her back? And how can she keep her secret to herself when more and more people know the truth? Before we tune in to find out tonight, we posed some of those burning questions to Tortorella, the shows resident heartthrob.

When we come back [for season two], Josh knows Liza is 40, he says. Now were just trying to figure out if this relationship has feet to stand on.

He says Josh, who often acts as the shows moral compass, will grapple with the subterfuge. He has been trying to deal with the fact that shes still lying to everybody else, and I think for Joshwho has lived this very authentic lifehes really struggling to figure out what this relationship means to him.

Sutton Foster and Nico Tortorella

And while Josh is unsure of his feelings for Liza, theres no denying the chemistry between Tortorella and Foster. Its crazy! he says laughing. We genuinely love each other.

Ditto the rest of the cast. Ive worked on a ton of other projects and theres always one person who has an ego, he says. But [on Younger] we show up,we do good work and we have a good time.

Source: Parade

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Italian-Americans fit into two stereotypes: Italians from New Jersey, whose mother can cook better than yours; and Italians from the rest of the country (their mothers also cook better than yours). Nicolo Luigi Tortorella is one of the latter, born and raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

In my household, people were always cooking, he remembers. Sunday dinner wasnt a tradition his family could easily give up when Tortorella moved to Hollywood, his parents soon followed.

My parents moved out to LA when I was 22 and both got their medical [marijuana] cards, Tortorella said.

Even though Mr. and Mrs. Tortorella didnt smoke pot while their sons were growing up, they found themselves living in Los Angeles with 40 plants growing in their backyard. They sold the green to dispensaries and their booming business became a family affair. There was one point where its me, my brother, my brothers girlfriend, and my parents all sitting around this big dining room table at their house clipping all the fucking weed, Tortorella says.

While his parents cultivated a new hobby, Tortorella starred in Scream 4 and The Following. Now he plays Josh, a tattoo artist on TV Lands Younger alongside the Goodfellas mistress Debi Mazar, a woman he calls incredible.

Though the actor is significantly tattooed in real life, his role calls for even more ink. [The fake tattoos] make me feel a little dirty, he says, because theyre not real.

Mike Maddi, a former makeup artist for Saturday Night Live, spends about 45 minutes applying the fake sleeves. They are really fucking annoying to take off, Tortorella says. It takes about two long hours of scrubbing to fully remove the ink.

Tortorella is sure he would never get 90 percent of the tattoos his character Josh has, but he plans for at least one more major piece: I want to get a lion and a cub for my Ma. Shortly after this issue goes to print we are hooking the actor up with that tattoo from Po Po.

His right arm is ink free, I think Im going to leave it like that. On his left bicep is a portrait tattoo of his grandfather, a World War II veteran, done by Kat Von D.

The conversation with Tortorella always seems to return to family. He didnt have the traditional upbringing we saw on 90s sitcoms (thanks to his uncle, for instance, he spent the bulk of fifth grade as an Italian boy struggling to go vegan), which is likely the reason his social ideals are very open.

I was dating these two girls in Dallas, who were dating each other, he says. They were always dyeing their hair crazy colors. This led to him dyeing his hair 20 different colors in 2015. Being able to share hair dye aside, joining a girl-on-girl relationship is fucking awesome, he reports.

Inked across his collarbone is the phrase not this. not that. beyond definition. He says, We as a culture spend so much time labeling everybody and everything. But we are all one. [Sexual fluidity and gender fluidity] is something I live by, stand by, and represent.

His Younger characters love life is also unusual. Broadway actress Sutton Foster plays Liza, a 40-year-old housewife pretending to be a 20-something book editor in Manhattan. As their relationship evolves, Josh, a tattoo artist living in Brooklyn learns her real age. Naturally, the news angers him.

If the actor faced Joshs situation in real life, hed react similarly. It doesnt matter to me. Why the fuck [would you] lie? Tortorella asks. The sexiest thing is full commitment to who you are and what you stand for.

Tortorella will celebrate one-year alcohol-free on January 13, I went like 10 solid years of boozing, he says. I was just over it.

If Im going to do something, Im going to do it in full. That go-hard-or-go-home attitude also applies to his future tattoos. Im at a point where Im going to continue to get tattooed and be covered in a couple of years, Tortorella says, or Im going to flat-out stop.

Tortorella reveals his abs and the tattoo niconiconico by Max Hanson (Dr. Woos apprentice) that rests at the bottom of his chiseled-out V. Its kind of my brand these days, he says of the ink. Around his neck a long necklace holds 300-year-old iron charms: one Viking cross and two Viking luminaries of the moon that were found in a treasure chest off the coast of Florida.

Tortorellas parents are now living in Florida and working to obtain medical cards in the Sunshine State. Tortorella calls Brooklyn home, but New York City is hardly his favorite city. Neither is his hometown of Chicago. Tortorellas favorite city is LA. According to him, the food is hands-down better quality.

Some Italian.

Source: Inked Mag

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