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admin / April 24th, 2011   Articles/Interviews

As I previously reported Nico is featured in the April/May 2011 issue of Chicago’s “Michigan Avenue” magazine with a lovely photo taken by Nico’s brother Rocco (a reprint from the October 2009 issue of “Ocean Drive”) and a handwritten interview. The official site has released a transcript of the interview:

Wilmette native Nico Tortorella is more than just a pretty facethough he is certainly that. The actor, an alum of New Trier Township High School, began acting professionally in Chicago in the seventh grade. He landed his big break on television, with roles in The Beautiful Life: TBL and Make It or Break It, and now he has his eye on the silver screen. In April he stars in the highly anticipated fourth installment of freaky franchise Scream, opposite Emma Roberts and many of the original cast members. We got the scoop on Tortorellas career goals, what its like to film a scary movie and his surprisingand permanenthobby.

Who was your favorite Scream costar to work with?
NICO TORTORELLA: David Arquette, hands down. Never a dull moment when he’s around. The new cast walked into a family already established and they welcomed us with open arms.

Are there moments when its actually scary working on a horror movie set?
NT: The voice of Scream, Ghostface, was the scariest part. The actor who plays himthe voicewas on set the whole time but no one knew who he was…It was pretty scary.

What was the hardest part about transitioning from modeling to acting?
NT: People always ask me this question, and its funny because I’ve always been an actor first and foremost. Modeling is fun, but the screen is where my heart is.

Who is your dream actor or director to work with?
NT: I have such a hard time answering this question. I feel like anyone I say would just sound clich. Clearly all the classics, and all the up-and-comers. Can I say everyone?

How many tattoos do you have? What do they symbolize?
NT: Eight or nine. It’s always a work in progress. My body is a personal journal throughout the years. [It’s] a lot of family tats and my connection to nature.

If you werent an actor, what would you be?
NT: A sustainable developer; green architect. One of my dreams is to buy pre-war standing buildings and renovate them to be one-hundred percent sustainable. I’ll get to it one of these days.

Thanks Tiffany at Nico-Tortorella.org for the heads up.

admin / April 23rd, 2011   Gallery,Photoshoots & Portraits

Outtakes from Nico’s photoshoot for the May 2011 issue of “Inked” magazine by Pamela Lopez Grant have been added to the gallery:

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin / April 18th, 2011   The Walk of Fame

According to an article recently posted on “Interview” magazine’s website Nico will be starring in a new movie directed by actor Thomas Dekker:

Thomas Dekker […] has already graduated to write and direct his first feature film, called The Walk of Fame. (Its set to begin shooting this month with fellow young upstarts Nico Tortorella and Shiloh Fernandez and will be produced by Christine Vachons Killer Films.) […]

I will try and find more information about the movie but right now this is all I could find. Thanks to Marie for the heads up.

admin / April 16th, 2011   Articles/Interviews

“Empire” magazine interviewed Nico for the website:

Exclusive: Nico Tortorella Interview
The Scream 4 star spills his guts…
One of the new generation of actors/victims drafted into Scream 4, Nico Tortorella plays Trevor Sheldon, the boyfriend of Emma Roberts’ Jill. We spoke to him about breaking into acting, taking his first steps in the Scream world and pretending to be Ghostface…

How did you get into acting?
I’ve been acting since I was 8 – I used to play hockey and there was a kids’ theatre down the street from my house and one day I just walked in and signed up for auditions for The Wizard Of Oz. I went in, auditioned and got cast as a Munchkin. From that point on I just had to decide if I wanted to carry on with hockey or stick with the acting. And I jumped right in to acting and have been there since.

Did you watch the Scream films?
I didn’t watch the Scream films, I don’t even remember them coming out. I remember the parodies, like Scary Movie, but I didn’t watch any of the Scream films until after I auditioned. It was funny because the first audition at the casting was the last scene of the first Scream film, the murder scene, and I had no idea, went in with my whole own interpretation. I only realised afterwards so it was pretty embarrassing.

How did you get involved with the film?
I was doing auditions for different horror films at the time when the Scream auditions came up. Everyone was going for it, all my friends in LA and New York. I had a meeting with all the casting directors, then I auditioned four more times, in New York, LA, with the other cast and crew, in front of the Weinsteins. It was never ending. At one point they told me I was too tall to play the role – everyone else was already cast and they were all small so they thought I’d look out of place. Luckily on the 5th casting I got it! It was pretty much smooth sailing after that!

Tell us about your character?
I can’t say too much. Basically I play Trevor Sheldon, he’s the head honcho at school, he’s mean, he picks on people, he’s basically a total asshole to everyone – which was fun to play. But then when you see him on his own, not surrounded by other jocks and kids at school he’s actually a decent guy.

The strapline of the move is ‘new decade, new rules’. What are the new rules?
It’s been a decade of scary movies that have come out since Scream 3 – from all the Saw movies to the gore to the goreporn etc – this is taking it back to its roots. A lot more can happen this time around – it’s not as set in stone as the other ones.

What was it like to work with Wes?
Amazing! He’s a genius! One side is a genius with a crazy vocab – most of the time I couldn’t understand what he was saying! The other half of him is a little kid who loves making scary movies and scaring the crap out of everyone!

Did you get to wear the mask at any point? Off set, that is – don’t give anything away!
Oh yes! It was definitely on all of us! We all got a chance to run around with it on pretending to be the killer off camera. And we all stayed in different places in Michigan when Scream was being filmed so there were a lot of pranks going on – we’d sneak over to people’s houses and scare the shit outta them! It was fun. The whole summer was a big party – it was one of the best of my life!

admin / April 16th, 2011   Gallery,Magazine Scans

Nico looks stunning in the new Spring/Summer 2011 issue of digital magazine “Filler” photographed by Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao. Scans have been added to the gallery:

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin / April 15th, 2011   Articles/Interviews

The New York Post’s blog Pop Wrap recently interview Nico:

Five Questions with ‘Scream 4’ star Nico Tortorella
In the final interview of “Scream” Week on PopWrap, we sit down with Nico Tortorella, who plays Trevor: the fourquel’s resident bad boy(friend) character. And given the endless Billy Loomis DNA he shares, you’re forgiven for already adding him to the suspect list. But just how closely should you be keeping an eye on Trevor? I got Nico to break it down for you!

PopWrap: Were you a fan of the originals?
Nico Tortorella: I knew of the “Scream” movies, but I hadnt seen any of them until about three-quarters of the way through my audition process. I knew the “Scary Movie” spoofs really well and was a big fan of those — it’s funny because they make a lot more sense now having seen the actual “Scream” movies [laughs].

PW: The audition process is notably quite secretive — is that a strange experience?
Nico: It was, since we didn’t even know who were were auditioning to play or where anything was headed. Everyone read the last scene from the first movie, where Billy Loomis goes nuts and starts killing everybody. And I hadnt seen that movie, so I had my whole own interpretation of what was going on, which apparently worked in my favor because here I am.

PW: What’s your opinion of Trevor?
Nico: I think the most important thing is that on a grand scale, hes definitely an asshole, but on a one-on-one level he has a heart and wants to make the people he loves happy in any way that he can.

PW: Since your character carries a lot of red herrings being the boyfriend and Billy Loomis-esque, does that make you throw in a couple more creepy glances?
Nico: If this character was a nice guy to everybody then I feel those little glances wouldnt be necessary. But because who he is and the relationships he has, being not the nicest guy just comes naturally given his energy.

PW: Does knowing that people will assume these things alter your performance at all?
Nico: Somewhat. I try not to think about the ending when Im filming the beginning, if you know what I mean. You just have to think about how this guy would have this conversation without knowing anything thats to come. But I get the parallels 100 percent — they’re there throughout the whole movie. But people will have to wait and see if its true

admin / April 15th, 2011   Articles/Interviews

Scream 4 Star Nico Never Thinks About a “Plan B”
By Angel Lenise Robinson

Veganism. Architecture. Vintage, blood-stained army pants. Not the top three things that come to mind when thinking of Nicolo Luigi Tortorella. You may just know him as Nico: the chiseled, blue-eyed model-turned-actor. But the trite phrase that he is now most famous for, is a label the Illinois native refuses to be defined by.
“My goal as an artist, above acting and above the material possession of anything, is to be able to give back,” said the 22-year-old, clad in cargo pants circa 1947, and a Native American-inspired sweater.
The self-proclaimed “mommys boy,” landed a leading role in one of the seasons most-anticipated blockbusters, “Scream 4.” In his second feature film to date, Tortorella plays the popular Trevor Sheldon, who may – or may not – have a sinister side.
Youll have to wait and see the madness unfold in the horror film sequel once its released today. In real life, though, theres not a sinister bone in Tortorellas body.

“Its kind of that midwestern value and family value that I never gave up,” Tortorella said.
He didnt give up on his acting dreams either.
“The most important thing is just to trust your gut and to just stand by what you believe in; theres no other option but you. Never think about a plan B. If you have a plan A…execute it.”
That plan was put into action when Tortorella was cast in “The Wizard of Oz” as a pre-teen. From there, he caught the acting bug.
“Ive known my entire life that this is what I was going to be doing and this would be my career path.”
Tortorella dabbled in television, appearing on ABC Familys “Make It or Break It,” in 2009 and in last years short-lived drama, “The Beautiful Life.” His film debut came in 2010 in Joel Schumachers “Twelve.” Its based off of a novel of the same name and featured Tortorella’s “Scream 4” co-stars, Rory Culkin and Emma Roberts.
“[Joel, the director] told us this was our movie…we were able to improvise much of what we did on film.”
A level of artistic freedom that Tortorella says spoiled him, but also helped nab his coveted role in Wes Cravens “Scream” franchise.
“I came into the audition not knowing what I was reading,” Tortorella said. “I worked on such a free project [Twelve] before hand that I was able to run with it.”
After a rigorous set of auditions, and almost being cut because he was too tall, Tortorella landed the “Scream 4” spot.
With Tortorellas growing fame and leading-man potential, hes also staying true to his other passions.
He studied “all over the board” of art, design, and visual expression during a stint at Columbia College (Chicago) in 2007. He originally wanted to couple his creative interests with business and build a career in sustainable architecture. After less than a semester, Tortorella determined that a degree was not for him.
“Its [green living], part of how I live my life every day. I didnt need to go to school to have that be a part of my life.”
Hes practiced a vegan, raw, and primal diet until settling on his current philosophy of knowing what his body needs and how it will react to what he eats. He owns an 1896 Singer sewing machine that he uses to produce 100 percent, recycled-leather bags for his eco-friendly fashion line. And, the now California resident lives on a one-acre property in San Bernardino (with his parents and brother), where he says, “I found myself in nature.”
With todays debut of “Scream 4,” a lead role in a film adaptation of Dean Koontzs “Odd Thomas,” and negotiations underway for “The Philosopher,” Hollywood is certainly clamoring for Tortorella.
But he says hes different.
“I think its my sense of humility,” Tortorella said in his ability to avoid the stigma associated with young, Hollywood stars.
Just how good he is with avoiding the ladies, though, is a whole other topic.

The Italian heartthrob let me in on a secret. It involves a big red bow and an old-school Mercedes for a special person in his life. A girlfriend perhaps? Think again. Tortorella put all the relationship rumors to bed.
“Im single.”

admin / April 15th, 2011   Odd Thomas

As I reported in the previous article Nico was recently cast in “Odd Thomas”, the movie adaptation of novelist Dean Koontz book by the same title.

Stephen Sommers (“The Mummy” and “G.I. Joe”) has written the screenplay and will be directing the feature, produced independently by Howard Kaplan (“The Good Sheperd”) and John Baldecchi (“The Mexican”). Already confirmed to star are Anton Yelchin (“Star Trek” – as the title charachter, a short-order cook who can commune with the dead), Addison Timlin (“Californication” – as Stormy, Odd’s girlfriend), Willem Dafoe (“The Aviator” – as Wyatt Porter, the local police chief) and as of last night, comedian Patton Oswalt (“United States of Tara” – as Ozzie, an eccentric artist who designs sculptures).

All we know for sure is that Nico will play the villain, an officer working under Wyatt Porter, secretly a member of a Satanic cult bent on destroying the town. The book features two characters that match this criteria: Officer Bern Eckles (that I would rule out since he is described in the casting sides as being “Big, Strong, muscular”) and Officer Simon Varner (my guess), described in the casting sides as “a handsome, smart cop” and in the original book as having “a face as sweet as that of any host of a children’s TV program, with heavy-lidded eyes like those of the late actor Robert Mitchum”.

The film shoots in Santa Fe and Albuquerque (New Mexico) from May 12 through July 15, 2011.

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