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admin / January 7th, 2016   Gallery,Photoshoots & Portraits

I have uploaded 2 images from a few months ago that were taken for Gotham Mag by the amazing photographer Ben Fink Shapiro.

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin / January 7th, 2016   Gallery,Episode Stills,Younger,Season 2

I have updated the gallery with a few episode stills for upcoming Younger episodes 2×01 ‘Tattoo You’ and 2×02 ‘The Mao Function’.

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin / January 7th, 2016   Gallery,Photoshoots & Portraits

These amazing shots were taken by the very talented Kyle Krieger. You can follow him on his Instagram, Twitter and also subscribe to his channel on YouTube.

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin / January 6th, 2016   Gallery,Appearances & Events,Younger,Season 2

Today Nico attended the TCA 2016 Press Tour with cast mates Hilary Duff, Sutton Foster, Debi Mazar, Miriam Shor, Peter Hermann, Molly Bernard and Dan Amboyer and creator/writer/executive producer Darren Star to speak on stage during the Younger panel. You can check out a few images from the event over on the gallery by clicking the link below.

Also, it was announced today that Younger has been picked up for a 3rd season. Exciting news!!! Congratulations to the cast, crew and the amazing Darren Star.

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin / January 5th, 2016   Social Media

I have uploaded a few images from Instagram of Nico. Full credit goes to @kylekriegerhair & @styledbyrosie for the images.

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin / January 5th, 2016   Social Media

I have updated the gallery with Nico’s Instagram posts from the last few weeks. Feel free to check them out over there right now. Also, if you’re not already doing so, give Nico a follow @nicotortorella. Please note, this is his Official Instagram, any others claiming to be Nico are fake.

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin / January 4th, 2016   Gallery,Magazine Scans

Nico features in the latest edition of NKD (Naked) Magazine which you can read below. Please give them a follow on their official pages to keep up to date on future editions.

* Facebook * Twitter * Instagram *

If you have trouble with the above embed, you can also read it over on the gallery. Enjoy!

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin / December 27th, 2015   Articles/Interviews

High on our list of reasons to love TV Land’s Younger (and there are so many of them) is a guy named Nico Tortorella. The 27-year-old Illinois native plays Josh, the hipster love interest of Sutton Foster’s Liza, our 40-masquerading-as-26 protagonist. In season one, Josh’s equally irresistible good looks and decent heart helped keep Liza invested in her high-maintenance lie. Going into season two, she’s confessed her real age to Joshthe rest of the millennials in her new life don’t knowand he’s accepted her kooky lie. (See: the decent heart thing.) Younger returns January 13 with a special one-hour premiere, and since we’re already pumped, we talked with Tortorella to learn more about his tats, season two, and his hard-crushing Instafans.

When you went out for the part of Josh, what did you know about him? What were they looking for?

All I knew is that he was a tattoo artist who owned his own parlor. That was it. But I knew that it was Darren Star [producing the show]. I knew it was Hilary Duff. I knew it was Sutton Foster. I knew it was Debi Mazar. It was a no fing brainerthis is a project I want to be a part of. I’ve seen every episode of Sex and the City [which Star produced].

We don’t hear that from guys every day.

In my defense, my girlfriend in high school and college was a huge, huge fan. We watched every episode together.

You have lots of tattoos as well, so I’m sure you totally looked the part walking into the audition.

For sure. I walked in in a tank top with a bunch of tattoos showing. I had my nose pierced at the time and little gauges in my ears, too. I would say I was the L.A. version of Josh. When I got the part, we took all the piercings out and added a bunch more tattoos and a white T-shirt and flannel, and I became New York Josh.

So when we see your tats in the show, some of them are real and some are makeup?

Yeah. It’s a combo. I have quite a fewI started at a young age. My mom actually took me to get my first tattoo when I was 15. She highly regrets that choice now, as I have a lot more.

What are some of your favorites?

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