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admin   December 21st, 2009   Gallery Screen Captures The Beautiful Life

Captures of Nico in episode 4 of “The Beautiful Life” have been added to the gallery.

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin   December 21st, 2009   Gallery Screen Captures The Beautiful Life

Captures of Nico in episode 4 of “The Beautiful Life” have been added to the gallery.

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin   December 19th, 2009   Screen Captures The Beautiful Life

High definition captures of Nico in episode 3 of “The Beautiful Life” have been added to the gallery.

nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella nico tortorella

admin   December 8th, 2009   The Beautiful Life

According to Ashley Madekwe (Marissa on “The Beautiful Life”) the unaired episodes will be added to YouTube soon:

• So after much speculation I can officially confirm that unseen ‘The Beautiful Life’ episodes will be put on youtube. Yay Ashton!
• Ahhhhhhh! Too many of you at once! lol! DECEMBER 17TH guys. Youtube is awesome, means u can all see it whenever u want ; ) xoxo
• Ok just checked and TBL will be available on youtube EVERYWHERE not just in the US.

She posted these on her Twitter account yesterday.

admin   November 14th, 2009   The Beautiful Life

According to reports The CW is planning to air the remaining episodes of “The Beautiful Life: TBL” during the summer.

I don’t know for sure if this is true, as the Facebook page that originally posted it is not official, but I will let you know as soon as I find more.

Bad news:

Krista in Lafayette Hill, Pa.: Is it true that the CW has decided to air the rest of the episodes of The Beautiful Life later this season? If for some miracle the ratings increased would they bring it back full time?
A representative for the CW tells us, “The status of unaired eps of The Beautiful Life is still to be determined.” My rock-solid source who knows about such things tells me: No truth whatsoever. Sorry, Mischa!
E! Online

admin   October 1st, 2009   The Beautiful Life

Thanks to director Norman Buckley we have some additional info and photos for episode 5 of “The Beautiful Life”.

Sara Paxton and Nico Tortorella have a romance that proceeds gradually in the episode, and then builds to this moment. I was inspired by the huge close shots between Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in A PLACE IN THE SUN, but the impact of shots this large would be diluted if one went to them too soon.

Click this link to read the full post, including some amazing captures of Mischa.

admin   October 1st, 2009   The Beautiful Life

Thanks to Hollywood Crush we finally have some answers about what was going to happen in the remaining episodes of “The Beautiful Life”. Here is a highlight from article regarding Cole, Nico’s character:

We already know Sonja and Cole go back at least three years to when that photo of Sonja was taken doing cocaine. But Sonja and Cole are another pair who end up hitting the sheets in episode 7.

We also have confirmation that Nico walked on the Lacoste runway as part of the show:

Our source also said we’ll miss Nico walking in a real Lacoste show, a photo shoot in the real Calvin Klein offices [… see below for more on this]

To read the full article, with information on a possible DVD release and more spoilers, click this link.

Regarding the CK shoot we can also exclusively reveal that:

Calvin Klein shot Nico and Sara on September 24, Sara also hinted this on one of her twits. The photos are racy and edgy in typical CK style and the plan was to use an ACTUAL billboard ad in Times Square. The photos posted of Nico and Sara on location on September 14 was when they saw the billboard for the first time.

Remember that most of times scenes are not filmed in the right order, especially when locations or special guest stars are required, hence why they see the billboard before shooting the actual photo for it.

admin   September 26th, 2009   The Beautiful Life

Bad news…

After two episodes, The CW has canceled Ashton Kutcher’s scripted drama “The Beautiful Life.”
Production on the the show, which had been filming its seventh episode, was shut down Friday.
Wednesday’s episode was seen by just 1 million viewers and generated a 0.5 rating in the adult demo.
The decision comes on the heels of two reality show pickups by the network, “Fly Girls” and a Tinsley Mortimer docusoap.

The CW’s freshman revamp of “Melrose Place” has had difficulty achieving liftoff as well, but Thursday night’s “Vampire Diaries” has been performing strong. Last night’s third “Diaries” episode grew in the adult demo despite facing increased competition.

The CW has not yet announced a replacement for the “Beautiful Life” slot. The new reality shows won’t be ready until January. One option is airing “Melrose Place” encores (like the way the network double-pumped “90210” last season). Another option, less likely, is to bring “Smallville” back into the midweek mix. “Smallville” was shifted to Friday nights for its (presumed) final season and debuts this evening.

The main driver behind the CW’s order to “TBL” was the similarity in setting with the network’s veteran reality series “America’s Next top Model” which served as its lead-in on Wednesday.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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